Best Up-And-Coming Baltimore Bands Of 2014

Best Up-And-Coming Baltimore Bands Of 2014

Toni Braxton got her start in The Braxtons, a rhythm and blues group she performed in with her sisters, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci Braxton. Another band that got its start in Baltimore is Good Charlotte fronted by brothers Joel and Benji Madden. Bands are still getting their start in the Baltimore music scene. Joy Classic is a new rock band, while Young H The Great is making a name for himself as a rapper. Oella is comprised of four musicians from a Baltimore suburb who recently released City Don’t Show.

joy classic


Joy Classic

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Joy Classic describes itself as a “dreamy, psychedelic groove shack band.” The band is fronted by a quintet of musicians: Justin Link, Bobby Elder, Matthew Robinson, Josh Davis and Nathan O’Dell. Joy Classic’s “Metro” 7″ was released in December 2013, following on from the success of their debut release, “Youth Buzz.” Joy Classic has recently performed at the DC9 Nightclub, Washington, D.C.; The Windup Space, Baltimore, MD; Bourbon & Branch, Philadelphia, PA; Planos, New York City, NY; and Ottobar, Baltimore. Visit for more information on upcoming releases and shows.

murder city


Murder City

Murder City, also known as Melting Faces, is a collaborative effort by a group of musicians known only by their first names. Jeremy is “Vox” or the voice, Z is on guitar, Danny is on drums and Ryan is on bass guitar. Murder City’s recent release is “The Murder City LP.” Before this release, Murder City released “Open the Door,” “Drugs Are Bad” and “Don’t Forget About Me.” Like Murder City on Facebook. Follow @MurderCityBand on Twitter. Visit for more information on upcoming releases and shows.

young h the great


Young H The Great

Young H The Great describes himself as a “young Black male coming up in the City of Annapolis.” He also describes himself as a “true artist, making good music from scratch no downloading other artist beats, unless I’m freestyling.” Young H The Great wrote all of the tracks on his “Hometown” release also known as “H3 HD.” The “Hometown” release has a Parental Advisory warning for explicit content. Visit for more information.

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oella Best Up And Coming Baltimore Bands Of 2014



A group of guys from Ellicott City, Maryland got together to form Oella. The band members are Alex Thomas, David Moulton, Luke Edwards and Thomas Phillips. Oella’s latest release, “City Don’t Show,” was entirely written by Oella band members and was released October 25, 2014. Band member Luke Edwards designed the cover art for “City Don’t Show.” Visit for more information.

death instruktions


Death Instruktions

The latest release from Baltimore’s Malignant Records is Death Instruktions. Released October 29, 2014, Death Instruktions features the following tracks: “Scorched Skeletal Remains,” “To Desecrate” and “Drowning Ritual,” to name just a few. Like Malignant Records on Facebook. Visit for more information.

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