ROOM Music Club . Live Band

Nightclub, Pub, Bar
$ $ $
Auto-City, Jln Perusahaan (North South Hwy, Juru Interchange)
Wellesley, Pulau Pinang 13600


  • How was the music and DJ??
  • Let's Drunk !!#friday#party#dance#alcohol
  • What joke is this?? Place like this call coolest club in Penang?? More like uncle disco for ppl to fengtao got la. No more next time.
  • Seafood club
  • I would say the best club in Penang! Best DJ, best ambience, best entrance and etc.
  • Beware of thief !
  • Good mc and sound system!
  • Seafoods club. No idea why so pack!
  • Hari hari polis kacau F up place
  • Ventilation system is not working. Terrible air! !! Smoke ur eyes till cry! !!
  • Lepaskan tension.....aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!
  • good place !!!
  • not so happening tho
  • sucky over the top music ... more like noise
  • 1st time here. Nice club :)
  • Seafood club and old folks houseroom...
  • Have a cup of tequila..hahaha
  • mizz nina will be coming soon!
  • Grand Opening! White Party!
  • The air-con system there is so damn cold that freezes me to the point of turning off my party mood,not even feeling like drinking and eventually send me heading home

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