194 Main St (at S Winooski Ave)
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 862-7314



  • Don't put on shitty music. If it's currently in radio rotation don't play it on the jukebox. Go listen to that crap somewhere else like Red Square.
  • Pooping at esox is probably he gnarliest thing you can do
  • 25 cent Slim Jims oh hayyyyyyy
  • Drinks are strong and the pitchers are 3 pints instead of 2+
  • A great place to get drinks with the friends, but college kids please keep out.
  • If you want a strong ass drink for cheap or a pitcher of beer for under $5, this is the place to go.
  • Mustard in bloody marys! Life changing
  • Play Slayer for Tracy.
  • I can't believe how tolerant the staff is at this establishment. I was a handful as always and was treated with kid gloves.
  • Make sure you get drunk enough to leave your tab open and tip the bartenders 20%. You won't regret it
  • Tip the bartender, you douchebag.
  • Yankees Bar: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Sox fans must be cautious.
  • They serve mixed drinks in pint glasses here. If you're looking to get drunk, you can definitely do it here.
  • If you order Lay's chips from Stacy, she opens them for you!
  • Bob is the best bartender in the world.
  • You know pitchers aren't 6 with tips. Give the man a few bucks!
  • Not the best music, weird people, and stingy service. I will never come back to this bar. Also, the glassware was dirty when we got it. $.50 hot dogs is the only redeeming factor.
  • Love the PBR!
  • Where is this glo?
  • If Tracy is working, make sure to order the "Emily Fell Off the Wagon" best drink you'll ever have. Also don't forget to write your name on the wall!

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