Deniz Vergara

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Paterson, NJ, USA
Rutgers College, Rutgers University Graduate School Of Education, The Natural Gourmet Institute
Recipe Development, Healthy Flavorful Recipes, Family-friendly Meals
  • Deniz combines her professional training as a chef with her experience as a culinary school chef instructor to deliver delicious and well-tested recipes.
  • The recipes that Deniz creates are a reflection of her life as a mom. She develops easy meals that the whole family will love but ones that are also creative and inspiring.
  • While Deniz was a chef instructor, she created and developed many recipes that complemented the curriculum she was teaching in order to elevate her students' learning.


Deniz is a professionally trained chef who has also worked as a culinary school instructor. Deniz’s blog, Gourmet Mami, helps busy moms prepare healthy and simple recipes that taste great. A mom of two herself, Deniz knows that time is valuable, so she shows regular home cooks how to prepare inspiring, creative meals that are easy to make. In addition to developing recipes for her food blog and Daily Meal, Deniz also creates recipes for The Family Freezer and Get Mom Strong.


Deniz received her master's in education at Rutgers University prior to attending culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute. The combination of her background in education with her culinary expertise make her uniquely qualified to create clear, accurate recipes that are easy to follow.
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