Slow Living Summit 2015: Explore the Journey of Food

From by Bonnie Averbuch
Slow Living Summit 2015: Explore the Journey of Food

The concept of slow living  involves living a mindful and purposeful life through cooperation, respect, sustainability, gratitude, and resilience. With those principles in mind, the annual Slow Living Summit has showcased interesting and influential aspects of leading a slow lifestyle since 2010. The 2015 Slow Living Summit will take place Wednesday, June 3, through Friday, June 5, in Brattleboro, VT, and will focus on farms, food, and food systems. Additional activities available at the summit include the Slow Living Expo, a Farmer’s Breakfast, and Farm Tours that extend through the weekend.

The annual summit aims to build upon the ideals for which Slow Living stands and provide opportunities for attendees to learn how apply those values. “When we use the term ‘slow,’ what we are really talking about is a 'slowing-down,' in order to be more present and intentional with our everyday decisions or actions that influence and create our relationships and communities,”  said Shanta Evans-Crowley, Slow Living Summit coordinator. “Imagine what our communities—whether we are talking about neighborhoods, cities, schools, families, et cetera—could be like if we allowed ourselves to slow down, be more present and intentional about the way we engage in them or with each other?”

This year’s summit—subtitled “Food, Mindfully”—will have five tracks: Food Entrepreneurship, Food Systems, Nourishment and Wellness, Food Justice and Access, and Food Policies. The conference will have five major plenary sessions, as well as more than 25 breakout sessions. Additionally, the Slow Living Summit will pair each of the five main speakers with an artist, who will render a creative representation of each session. “Every year we create the space to invite individuals to think outside of the box of our normal culture of ‘everything fast-paced.’ Though we are focusing on food this year, we are still extending the invitation for everyone to come together and re-imagine what community is and should be,” explained Evans-Crowley.

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