Shamu Theater

Row 1

10500 Sea World Dr (in SeaWorld)
San Antonio, TX 78251

Foursquare Tips

  • Defiantly worth the money to have the lunch with Shamu. The wales were amazing and u are able to take great pictures from a few feet away! Loved it.
  • Love the show!! However, the theater smells like dirty diaper, but if you want to cool off I would definitely recommend sitting in the first 15 rows of the splash zone!!
  • Wait on the left side because there are trees for shade!
  • Great space. Its dome shaped. Don't worry about rude people. Just give them an elbow and you'll be on your way.
  • Great performances by the animal and human talent.
  • One cornerstone coin can get u a lrg dippin dots and change.
  • It was awesome so moving to see the whales preform. To bad they won't have the show anymore
  • If your going to sit in any of the splash zones deinetly be ready to get wet.
  • I see killer whale in a pink sweater - wait its eating a large sandwich, must be human - but that looks like a blowhole - so confused!!
  • If you sit in the splash zone don't complain about getting wet! Your warned a lot!
  • A magical show every time.
  • On texas days over 100 degrees the morning shows are tolerable
  • One Ocean started today
  • One Ocean: June 10th. Get excited!
  • I like the show it was amazing and i loved getting splashed...
  • Get to the show early to get a seat
  • Dont sit in the first 10 rows... You WILL get wetttt
  • Todo el show
  • Can't miss Shamu if you are at Seaworld
  • Awesome show! A must see.