10 Great Pasta Recipes for Lovers of Gluten-Free Pasta

‘I’ll have my pasta dish sans pasta, please’

Pasta made from black beans carries more protein than traditionally served wheat pastas.

Pasta dishes are the center of family meals across the globe from Italy to California, and this has been the case for oodles of generations. Pasta is typically made from durum wheat flour and can come in a variety of forms. Unfortunately for those with wheat allergies or celiac disease, durum wheat flour can spark up some extremely unpleasant allergic reactions due to its high gluten content.

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Luckily for the gluten-intolerant, though, alternatives to traditional pasta have steadily become more widely available over the past few years. Some gluten-free pastas are chewier than the standard durum variety — but versions made from quinoa, pulses, or even green bananas can provide a wide variety of textures and flavors to experiment with and choose from.

Companies like Explore Cuisine offer a range of gluten-free pastas (with mouthwatering recipes to match) that can bring that noodly goodness back into your life even if you can't eat wheat.

Here’s what Explore Cuisine has to say about its mission to reshape the world of pasta:

“Explore Cuisine is reinventing the way families all over the world eat pasta by making it nutritious and delicious. With Explore Cuisine bean and pulse pastas you can sit down to dinner knowing that you are fueling your body with high-protein and high-fiber pasta. For instance, the bean pastas are made with just one ingredient: organic beans. In only five to seven minutes cooking time, dinner is served, filling your tummy with iron, potassium, protein, and fiber. At Explore Cuisine we take fueling our bodies seriously, so we work with only non-GMO ingredients. Our goal is to innovate household favorite foods into wholesome foods that are heart-healthy and good for you.”

With some of its gluten-free pasta varieties (like the one made from edamame) clocking in at about 24 grams of protein per two ounces, you’ll not only be eating great food, you’ll also be fueling your body properly. Click ahead to see some gluten-free pasta recipes we’ve previously published as well as eight fresh, new ones provided by Explore Cuisine.