Guilt-Free Valentine’s Recipes for Two

These healthy Valentine’s Day recipes are perfect for you and your sweetheart
zucchini brownie


Set the mood (and prevent the bloat) with these seven recipes for two.

Let’s make a blanket statement about love: To love and to be loved, you need to feel a certain type of way. We would argue that this type of way is comfortable (or a synonym there of), and a loving comfort exists in emotional, spiritual, and physical places. With that being said, we’d like to think that no one wants to feel full of gas on Valentine’s Day — there’s nothing romantic about having to roll your bloated boyfriend over for a kiss.

Keep it sexy with these 7 healthy Valentine’s recipes for two.

We’ve provided you with the foods to steer clear of on Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to become a roll-me-over bloat ball. We’ve also given you a list of foods that will kill the mood (if you’re bloated, there may not be any mood to be killed). With your amorous dining options narrowed down, is there anything safe to eat?

Love birds across the world rejoice: There are foods you can safely eat this Valentine’s Day that will neither make you feel gassy nor deflate your libido. Some may even help get your love juices flowing. You’ll find that pasta, a reportedly mood-killing food, can readily be replaced with a healthy vegetable substitute, and as long as you don’t plan on downing whole milk, marjoram, or licorice, you can find ways to eat and not become a sluggish, uninspired Valentine’s walrus.


Registered dietitian Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN, Corporate Dietitian at Medifast, Inc, provided us with seven recipes you and your Valentine can share on your romantic day without having to feel guilty. Click ahead to see these guilt-free Valentine’s recipes for two.