15 Tips for Vegan Beginners

Start your vegan diet by knowing how to make the transition easier

Photo Modified: Flickr / Jennifer Young / CC BY 4.0

Always pack healthy snacks just in case there are no vegan-friendly options.

The New Year brings time of change, introduction of new health trends, and diets. Whether you are considering veganism for the first time or looking to ease in gracefully, there are some things you should know before you eliminate meat, dairy, and a few other foods you wouldn’t think of, like honey.

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Starting off fresh in the New Year can help inspire your healthy lifestyle, but you will want to know the facts before you jump ship. For example, it’s important to recognize what food labels mean and how to replace the foods you are eliminating. You will also be pestered and questioned constantly if you are nutrient deficient or if you eat anything except for fruits and vegetables. We compiled a list of tips to ease into a vegan diet and to help you prepare for the difficult questions, recipe alternatives, and ways to prepare so that you never feel hungry.