Harkins Theatres Christown 14

Movie Theater, Cineplex
1620 W Montebello Ave (at N 15th Ave)
Phoenix, AZ 85015
(602) 249-2844


  • They won't let you watch a movie in the nude due to some state law or something so prepare to have to wear clothes.
  • Nothin beats jack daniels shots and a loyalty cup of coke. Now that's how you watch a movie!
  • Try the popcorn...with nacho cheese!
  • Nice sound upgrade!
  • Get the freshest popcorn in Phoenix.
  • Great Maintnee for a hangover!! The cold will cure you're sweats!!
  • If you get a large drink you get the 2012 loyalty cup filled for the large price.
  • Buy the loyalty shirt and cup, get free popcorn and drink. Save the stub for the popcorn if u don't use it and either give it to someone or use it next time. The expiration date is one year !
  • Matinee showings are the best!
  • Leave your kid at home of you're going to the movie with me!
  • Loyalty cup is great. And they will fill it w ice water for free.
  • Buy a $25 gift card and get a free popcorn, then use the gift card to pay for the movie and other snacks. Free popcorn every time!!!
  • Get your 2015 loyalty cups now!
  • All kinds of salts to season popcorn, get out of your comfort zone.....butter, nacho, and then mix them...de-lish
  • See dispicable me ;) it's epic
  • I'm the guy whose phone is ringing.
  • I dislike people who saves seats. This isn't mid school.
  • Park in front of mall. Much safer!
  • Harkin Theatre, since its last innovation, has a lot of movie selections. It is close to a nearby diverse shopping mall.
  • Abandoned theater here :0 but super close to Pc campus

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