Fiesta Mall

1445 W Southern Ave (at S Alma School Rd)
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 833-5587


  • walked around n shop 4 stuff
  • A lot of stores may be closed in this mall, but look on the bright side: that means less people will complain when I take a sink-bath in the mall restrooms.
  • DO NOT COME HERE... EVER!!! Its disgusting. Everywhere.
  • Most of my Childhood memories live here... kinda sad to know it probably won't ever be what it USE to. I miss it, back in the day this wasIT
  • Sh*t is closed up in this mall!! Geez!!
  • This mall sucks, but then you're in Mesa so actually that makes sense
  • Still a great mall to go to. Better than going to AZ Mills...
  • Don't come here. Ghost town
  • Always carry extra water. Especially, when you have kids in this heat!!
  • If you are not a Spanish speaking latino, you will be the in vast minority in this mall on Sunday afternoon
  • This is mall is close to death.... AZ Mills is MUCH better!
  • All the stores are closed!
  • Fun safe way to let your kids play and have fun in a climate controlled environment.
  • Definitely has the feel of a mall going downhill. Many empty stores and second rate stores starting to creep in.
  • Lots of fun for the kids
  • love this place <33
  • Wow lots of stores closed. Not as popular as it used to be.
  • Hj b hsjud
  • The good thing about this mall is they have a children's play area that is in surprisingly good condition. There aren't very many stores to shop in.
  • A lot of stores are closed and it looks like a ghost town

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