20 Make-Ahead Cold Soups for Summer

When it’s too hot to eat, chilled soup is the only answer


Chilled soup is your summer lunch and dinnertime savior.

In the searing heat of summer, eating an entire meal can often seem like the most unappealing prospect, even for the hungriest, most food-obsessed among us. The thought of eating something hot starts to make us sweaty and uncomfortable, so cold — preferably ice-cold  — food is what we turn to again and again. Sadly, there’s a limit to how long we can survive on a diet of ice cream and iced coffee alone. Thankfully, cold soups have come to our rescue. These healthy, filling, flavor-packed recipes will refresh and cool you down on the hottest of summer days.

20 Make-Ahead Cold Soups for Summer (Slideshow)

These 20 summer soup recipes can be made ahead of time. Most of them actually benefit from an extra night or day spent chilling in the refrigerator, as it allows for the dishes’ flavors to really come together and enhance each other. So make a batch of your favorite whenever the heat isn’t so unbearable that spending even 30 minutes in the kitchen is too much, and keep it in the refrigerator (or freeze it if you’re not going to be eating it for a while), ready to be served as soon as hunger strikes.

These make-ahead cold soups really show off all our favorite flavors of summer. The gazpacho and pappa al pomodoro highlight the season’s beautiful ripe tomatoes; a chilled corn soup is sweet and creamy; and a Persian-inspired yogurt soup takes wonderfully exotic flavors and packs them into one delicious bowlful.


Read on to find the 20 chilled soup recipes, which can easily be made ahead of time, and will become your lunch and dinner saviors for the rest of the summer.