Rebel Kitchen’s ‘Mylk’ Is Making an Impact on the Dairy-Free World

Here are the details on one company’s mission to provide clean, healthy 'mylk' to the masses
mylk rebel kitchen

Each of Rebel Kitchen's flavors is centered around four simple ingredients.

It’s no secret that the progressive over-processing of our food is causing health problems and a growing disconnect from nature. This can readily be seen in our piece, More Than Half of the American Diet Is “Ultra-Processed Foods.”

In our drive to create efficiencies in our ever-busy lives, we may have gone too far. Rebel Kitchen is hoping to help bring people back to the basics without sacrificing flavor by using foods available to us in nature and packaging them up for convenience with as little intervention as possible.

This true-to-the-core brand offers dairy-free coconut “mylks” crafted from simple ingredients, directly from nature. Each of the three mylk flavors, Chocolate, Coffee, and newly released Chai, contains no refined sugar and zero additives or preservatives. They all boast a succinct ingredient list of only four(ish) ingredients, too.

The rebellious journey began in 2010 when co-founding husband and wife team Tamara Arbib and Ben Arbib launched The A Team Foundation, a charity aimed at helping the nation’s approach to food, health, and sustainability. The charity continues to support change from a non-profit angle, but, as with all non-profits, progress can be (and was) slow-moving. They soon realized that to be real game-changers, they had to approach the issues from a commercial angle and be the change they wanted to see in the food industry.

Rebel Kitchen was created as proof to the industry that sacrificing peoples’ health in order to reach your goals is not necessary and that you can combine great taste with health and still be a responsible food brand.

Tamara Arbib says, “With our mylks you can enjoy delicious tasting products, and feel reassured that what you’re drinking contains no refined sugars, additives, or preservatives.” Like many of us, Arbib grew up with food at the core of her being. She spent much of her childhood in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother, drawing her culinary inspiration from experimenting with new recipes and making a mess. As she grew up, she started to see the disconnect between the food she enjoyed at home and convenient offerings on-the- go, finding that healthier options were limited, didn’t exist, or were exorbitantly expensive.

Rebel Kitchen was born as a way for Arbib to “rebel” against bad ingredients (You Might Want to Pass on Food With These 9 Ingredients) and unnecessary additives commonly found in snack foods, by creating healthy snacks without sacrificing taste.

The brand launched in the U.K. and has since seen exponential growth world-wide. Most recently, Rebel Kitchen has crossed the pond, launching with its three mylk flavors in the United States with nationwide distribution. With a responsible business practice and deep-rooted morals and values, Rebel Kitchen brings authenticity, health, and goodness alongside innovative flavor crafted with only the highest-quality ingredients.

Certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, carrageenan-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and paleo, with no additives whatsoever, Rebel Kitchen takes ingredients directly from our planet (such as organic coconut milk and organic date nectar) and turns them into products that are designed for everyone, anytime.

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