rotisserie chicken

21 Great Dishes You Can Make With Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken

Use rotisserie chicken for a delicious shortcut in the kitchen
rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chickens rotate in a supermarket window, hypnotizing those who wander by. With that crispy skin, that wonderful aroma of roasting meat, and the slightly surreal light that makes them glow, how can anyone possibly resist?

21 Great Dishes You Can Make With Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken Gallery

I think the best way to eat a rotisserie chicken is in the car, while it is still hot in its foil-lined paper bag. There is nothing more satisfying than ripping off a piping hot leg and eating it on the way home, with a pile of napkins at the ready.

Should you make it home with chicken to spare, hurrah! Congratulations on your iron will. Now you have dinner at your disposal and you are free to fritter away the day with no concerns about what to make once the sun sets. Using rotisserie chicken eliminates the need to poach, roast, fry, steam, or cook your protein in any way. Complicated and time-consuming recipes suddenly seem more manageable when the chicken is already cooked and ready to add in the final stages of the recipe. The number of pots and pans used decreases and the taste and seasonings of rotisserie chicken adds so much extra flavor with no extra effort. For busy weeknights, rotisserie chicken is a wonderful thing to have on hand.


So next time you glance in the direction of those rotating birds, just give in to temptation and buy that chicken, then look through these recipes. From chowders and tacos to pastas and flatbreads, theres something for everyone, so buy some rotisserie chicken right away and enjoy these 21 great dishes to make with supermarket rotisserie chicken