27 Ways to Get More Pumpkin Into Your Life

You'll need these recipes when the inevitable PSL and run-of-the-mill pumpkin pie just won’t do anymore

27 Ways to Get More Pumpkin Into Your Life

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin, and we really mean all things. Everywhere we turn, the ubiquitous pumpkin — and pumpkin pie spices — are folded into every kind of food and drink imaginable. Unfortunately, in many cases true pumpkin flavor itself is left behind or replaced by a synthetic, half-baked psuedo-pumpkin flavoring. 

But what if you love pumpkin season and can never get enough of this seasonal squash in your life? What if you crave real pumpkin flavor every day, at least for a while?  If this is the case, these real pumpkin recipes are for you.

Pumpkin pie is awesome, of course, and some pumpkin spice lattes are definitely worth your dollars; but it’s time for something new. Therefore, in this collection, you'll find no traditional pumpkin pie or latte recipes, and nothing that uses pumpkin pie spices alone.

Get into the fall spirit with the true flavor of the season; read on for 27 ways to get more pumpkin into your life.  

Baked Pumpkin Custards With Maple Mascarpone Whipped Cream

These gluten-free baked pumpkin custards topped with maple mascarpone take just 10 minutes to prepare and are the perfect way to end a fall dinner. Click here for the recipe.

Brisket and Pumpkin Chili

Brisket is slow-roasted in a Dutch oven with ancho chiles and spices. During the final hour in the oven, cubed pumpkin and tomatoes are stirred into the mix, and, when finished, this chili is topped with white Cheddar, sour cream, and sliced avocado. Click here for the recipe.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Creamy Pumpkin Soup


This pumpkin soup can be made in a slow-cooker throughout the day. For this recipe, click here.

Creamy Tomato Soup With Cheddar Pumpkin Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tomato soup and grilled cheese is the most perfect pairing, but this version with creamy pumpkin purée is next-level. Check out the recipe here.

French Pumpkin Cheesecake

This pumpkin cheesecake will melt on your tongue in an instant. For this recipe, click here.

Jerk Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

A night of pumpkin carving is always fun, but what makes it even better is having a bowl of salty roasted pumpkin seeds to snack on. Find the recipe here.

Magic Pumpkin Butter Bars With Pumpkin Seeds and a Gingersnap Crust

These spicy bars are rich and perfect for fall. They start with gingersnap crust and are then topped with pumpkin butter and scattered with beautiful green pepitas, white and semi-sweet chocolate chips, toffee bits, and coconut flakes. For this recipe, click here.

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seed Maccheroncini

This pasta is made with fresh pumpkin, herbaceous sage, and punchy garlic for a delicious fall pasta dish. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin and Prosciutto Crostini

The sweetness of the spiced pumpkin purée-ricotta mixture is well-matched with the saltiness of the prosciutto. For this recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Autumn Shandy

Shandies are made by mixing beer with soft drinks or juices. This fall-inspired shandy is made with pumpkin ale and is brightened by a touch of orange Cointreau and fresh lime juice. Lastly, fresh nutmeg is grated over the top. Check out the recipe here.

Pumpkin Bread

Nothing says fall like a loaf of pumpkin bread making its way out of the oven — the purée gives it a wonderfully soft texture, and it’s best served with copious amounts of butter or even whipped cream and powdered sugar. For this recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Caipirinha

Pumpkin Caipirinha

Maryse Chevriere

Brazilian cachaça, pumpkin purée, and ginger liqueur are shaken and served over rocks; garnish with a small slice of pumpkin to complete. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Cake Roll

Here’s a simple and fun dessert that the kids will go crazy over. It’s not just fun to eat — it’s fun to make as well. For this recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Carbonara

Pumpkin Carbonara


Creamy puréed pumpkin is whisked together with coconut milk and egg yolks to yield a sweet and bold flavor. Although it’s not called for here, lardons or guanciale would only enhance the rich flavor of the carbonara. Find this recipe here.

Pumpkin, Chorizo, and Kale Frittata

The balance of spicy chorizo, sweet caramelized onion relish, and tangy goat cheese makes this dish a welcome addition to any meal. Check out the recipe here.

Pumpkin Cornbread

Pumpkin and cornbread are two classic fall favorites; here, applesauce and pumpkin purée are combined with white whole-wheat flour and cornmeal, and then poured into a hot cast-iron pan to bake. Click here for this recipe.

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Pie Bars

These grain-free pumpkin crème brûlée pie bars combine the best elements of crème brûlée and pumpkin pie and are made with an easy press-in cocoa crust. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin Empanadas

Pumpkin Empanadas


Southwesterners have been known to serve these pumpkin empanadas at their Thanksgiving feasts. Find this recipe here.

Pumpkin Pancakes With Apple Cider Syrup

These pumpkin-filled pancakes make for the perfect Halloween breakfast or dinner. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin Pizza

Whole-wheat pizza dough is topped with both pumpkin purée and small cubes of fresh pumpkin. This healthy pizza also includes tomato sauce, onion, red bell peppers, zucchini, and goat cheese. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto


This hearty risotto is made with brown rice, vegetable broth, and creamy pumpkin purée. To complete, it’s garnished with pumpkin seeds and chopped pecans. For this recipe, click here.  

Pumpkin-Stuffed Chicken Breast

To make this dish, pound chicken breast until evenly thin. Then, pumpkin purée is spooned into the center and the chicken is rolled into a roulade that is baked in the oven to perfection. Check out this recipe here.


Vanilla beans, spices, cubed sugar pumpkin pieces and pisco meld together for four days to infuse the liquor with pumpkin goodness. Next, shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass; garnish with an apple slice and serve.  Click here for the recipe.

Slow Cooker Sticky Caramel Pumpkin Cake

This incredible fall treat, perfect for Halloween, gets thrown together into the slow-cooker in a snap using a few simple ingredients. It’s so easy, it’s almost scary! Click here for the recipe.

Thai Chicken and Pumpkin Curry

Chicken and pumpkin are cooked with red curry paste and are accentuated by bright lime, bird’s eye chiles, and torn Thai basil. For this recipe, click here.

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

The cheesecake gets its oh–so-dreamy, creamy texture from the soaked cashews and coconut milk. And the crust… The crust is simply made from pecans, soaked dates, and pumpkin pie spice for a crunchy and sweet layer in every bite. Click here for this recipe.

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Milkshake

This milkshake is filled with bright pumpkin-y flavor and just a hint of coffee. To finish, top with whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. For this recipe, click here.