The 8 Unhealthiest Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Between the pumpkin-spice-flavored kale chips, vodka, candy corn, yogurt, beer, cream cheese, English muffins, Kahlúa, macarons, and the almonds, cookies, cereal, sausage, Twinkies, popcorn, Peeps, and water — it's safe to say that America has a slight obsession with all things pumpkin spice.  

The seasonal craze started with one item 13 years ago: Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. It has without a doubt been the company's most successful seasonal beverage. One could argue that summer hasn't ended until the annual release of the PSL.

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Other companies were rightfully envious of Starbucks' success and created their own versions of the fall favorite. Now customers can buy a pumpkin spice latte at almost any fast-food chain that sells coffee.

Though the PSL craze seems innocuous, the drink is in actuality a nutritional nightmare. Sipping on one every morning of the fall season can throw a diet completely off course. All the pumpkin spice lattes on this list are high in fat and calories, and contain more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola. The nutritional information provided below is reflective of a 16-fluid-ounce serving that uses either 2-percent milk or whole milk. 

Here's our ranking of the top 8 unhealthiest pumpkin spice lattes.