Pumpkin Roll


20 Dinner Party Recipes That Celebrate Harvest Season

Celebrate the season of the most wonderful produce with a comforting, cozy dinner party
Pumpkin Roll


End your fall dinner party with this beautiful pumpkin spice roulade.

Although we are obviously sad to see summer disappear for another year, the prospect of a warm, golden fall isn’t really so bad. With the cooler weather, the cozy evenings, and the golden leaves, fall is one of our favorite seasons, and it’s definitely the best time of year for fresh produce.

20 Dinner Party Recipes That Celebrate Harvest Season (Slideshow)

Yes, we do have to say goodbye to those tomatoes, peaches, and corn, but they’re being replaced with squash, apples, pears, colorful root vegetables, and, of course, pumpkins. It’s time to turn the oven on and start cooking a fantastic feast using all that harvest season has to offer us.

Dinner parties seem to be so much more suited to autumn than to summer. We’re now happy to spend an evening indoors, we don’t need to have the air con permanently blasting (and ruining the atmosphere as it does so), and with sweater weather officially here, we can feast on the richest, most comforting dishes, drink an extra glass of red wine, and make the most of this beautiful season. You really won’t miss grilling everything you’re eating and serving to your guests when you’ve swapped the burgers for a warm bowl of seafood and pumpkin bouillabaisse.


Hearty, warming food with sweet, spiced flavors are key to every party you host this harvest season. If you can, shop at your farmers market for the freshest, most local produce. The taste of these fruits and vegetables is so much better than what you find in the grocery store — we promise it’s worth the slightly higher price. And make sure you serve plenty of full-bodied red wine with the meal to create the happiest, most celebratory harvest season party of the year.