Charging Bull

Landmark, Outdoor Sculpture
Broadway & Morris St
New York, NY 10004


  • Displayed in its current location since 1989, this 7,000-pound bronze sculpture has become a famous symbol of American capitalism.
  • The 7,000-pound Wall Street Bull was created in optimistic response to the 1987 stock market crash and dropped in front of the New York Stock Exchange overnight in 1989.
  • Created by Italian-American artist Arturo Di Modica after Black Monday 1987. Statue is 7500 pounds. Left on Wall St in middle of night as a gift to the city. More info on this statue via our blog.
  • Take a picture with the bull's balls!
  • Touch the bull's balls for good luck
  • Go for the balls! Brings you luck and prosperity ;)
  • The bronze sculpture in Bowling Green Park symbolizes financial prosperity and has been a Wall Street icon since it was installed in 1989.
  • Tem fila para tirar foto, mas vale a pena esperar :-)
  • The sculpture is said to provide good financial luck to both stock traders and tourists who keep key parts of the artwork well polished with constant hand rubbing.
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  • The back of the bull is just as popular of a photo op as the front of the bull...strange. I don't know the guy in the pic but he just seemed way to happy with bull testicles in his hand.
  • Have to touch the Balls, liberating!
  • Kiss the Bull's arse for good luck! ;-)
  • Try getting on top of it, if there's no cops around and try to really grab the bull by its horns. It does give a certain sense of satisfaction ;)
  • Beware of douchebags that jump ahead of you in order to snap a picture with the bull when you've clearly been waiting longer.
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  • Charging Bull should be the appropriate check in :)
  • Surprisingly this iconic sculpture was not commissioned but dumped under the Wall Street Christmas Tree by artist Arturo Di Modica he wanted to give the city a gift and promote himself. True story.
  • A great street metal art
  • Rub the bull for good luck. 7000 lb. is a lot of bull!

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