Cheryl Kochenderfer

Photo of Cheryl Kochenderfer
San Francisco State University
Food, Travel, Health & Wellness
  • Cheryl is a nutritional therapy practitioner, writer, editor, and teacher.
  • She is a big believer in balance – prioritizing health while still enjoying life to its fullest.
  • As an avid traveler, you can find her cafe-hopping, searching for local haunts, and trying all the food.


Cheryl has lived many lives all over the world. She previously worked in hospitality and as a teacher before realizing she preferred to be behind-the-scenes writing. She’s written and edited for multiple food, travel, and wellness sites. She has a diverse palate and enjoys everything food-related, from getting creative in the kitchen to finding the best hidden restaurants.


Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a California Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University. She has certifications in English language instruction and nutritional therapy.
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