7 Summer Trips Your High School Grad Will Love

We explore 7 summer escapes for the graduate in your life to celebrate high school graduation
7 Summer Trips Your High School Grad Will Love

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Say "aloha" to high school...and "ahoha" to adult life!

I know it’s hard to believe, but your child is all grown up and graduating high school. At this point, many recent grads want to celebrate with a senior trip before going off to college or getting started on their career. They might be dreaming of globe-trotting to the other side of the world, but let’s pump the brakes a bit for now. (Save that for study abroad, right?)

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But where do you take an 18-year-old? He or she is past the days of cliché family road trips to the Grand Canyon or the nearest dude ranch (or so he or she thinks), but not quite ready for international party locales like Cancun or Bangkok. Your child needs somewhere appropriate, interesting, and fun — but also not too far away.


The following seven locations are all solid spots for grads, and will provide a little something for everyone — kids and parents alike. For instance, there are cities on this list that are safe, convenient, and practical if you send your grad alone or with friends, but also some that might be better as a final family trip (after all, some trips will require a car, and many companies won’t rent to customers under 25). Regardless of the exact circumstances, we’re certain your new grad will be delighted with any and all of the following vacation destinations.