The 20 Best Restaurants at Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

This futuristic complex, once styled an 'Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,' offers plenty of good eating for today
Best Restaurants in Epcot

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the best restaurants at Disney World's Epcot.

The 20 Best Restaurants at Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Check out the San Angel Inn, and 19 other Epcot restaurants offering heavenly cuisine. 

If food is important to you (which we certainly hope it is), even while visiting a Disney theme park, then Disney World’s Epcot should definitely be on your list. Originally called EPCOT Center (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), the park, built in 1982, is best known as for the iconic geodesic sphere that houses its Spaceship Earth attraction. (It’s also known to adults as the place in Disney World that has the most alcohol, but more on that later.) Boasting 57 different eateries in all — ranging from table service sit-down meals to various on-the-go food stands — Epcot offers a variety of cuisines, themes, and chances to see some performances and meet Disney characters as well.

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Which of all the many possibilities should you choose? The answer to this question really comes down to what you’re looking for in a dining experience. Do you want to commit over an hour to an exceptional meal, or do you want a quick bite that will satisfy your hunger between rides and the other various attractions? Do you want typical theme park food, or do you want to take advantage of the diverse group of countries featured in the World Showcase and sample something more exotic instead? Are you bringing the kids? And what’s your price range?

We weigh all the aforementioned variables, and take into account reviews from past guests, to determine which eateries are worthy of a stop (and which can skipped) on your next trip to Disney World's Epcot.

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