The 10 Best Restaurants at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

With all the dining options at Disney World, we narrow it down to the places that simply can’t be missed
magic kingdom restaurants

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Planning a trip to Disney World can be stressful. You need time off, a hotel, transportation — and when you finally do get there, it’s swarming with hordes of screaming, unruly children. (The nerve!) And that’s when you realize, you didn’t even think about food. Sure, there are a lot of options available, so no one will starve (despite their cries to the contrary), but this doesn’t mean you should decide on the fly to grab a burger and fries at the first place you see. There’s a wide variety of restaurants, each offering different cuisines, different qualities, different atmospheres, different price ranges, and thus different experiences altogether.

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Do you want to sit down for an hour or two? Are you in the mood for seafood or steak? Will there be Disney characters nearby? How about the view? These are important questions to ask beforehand, but even then, there are still so many places to choose from, and they’re all scattered throughout the park.

Allow us to make your job a little easier, with this list of the best places to eat while visiting Disney World in Florida, ranked according to the best balance of all the variables listed above. It doesn’t include any of the uber-casual stands, but other than that, there’s a little bit of everything represented within. Just find what you’re in the mood for (and where the heck you are) and you’ll know exactly where to stop for a meal — and what to skip.

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