The 10 Best Restaurants at Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Hungry as a bear? Sink your teeth into eats at these 10 Disney World Animal Kingdom restaurants

Tusker House is one of the best restaurants in all of Disney World, but it's not quite the best in Animal Kingdom.

Compared to the other Disney theme parks whose eating options we've considered (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneyland Park, and Disneyland’s California Adventure), Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a bit more limited when it comes to food. There are a couple solid table service restaurants, a buffet, and some quick service joints, but most of the food comes from stands that each only feature a couple snacks.

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Still, Animal Kingdom (opened in Orlando in 1998) has more than enough options to satisfy guests visiting for the day or weekend, and as far as unique dishes go, this park is one of the best. Epcot has diversity, but Animal Kingdom has the exotic dishes down.


Whether you’re looking for Indian cuisine, Southeast Asian specialties, or good old American barbecue, you’ll find a lot to love when it comes to feeding time in the Animal world, and you’ll have an even higher probability of finding something favorable if you use this list on your next trip.