Maserati Reveals Levante, Their First-Ever SUV

From by Mila Pantovich
Maserati Reveals Levante, Their First-Ever SUV

Details regarding Maserati’s upcoming Levante have been officially leaked, prompting the marque to release the first images of the car’s exterior. The design marks the company’s first-ever SUV, featuring several details that keep it in line with the brand’s Italian heritage. Like their other models, the Levante has three air vents on the front wings, the iconic logo and large, frameless door windows. It also boasts an aggressive front with tapered headlights and a tapered back window. 

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According to Maserati, the SUV offers unrivalled handling on a variety of surfaces (including low-grip and off-road). It also has “sophisticated electronic suspensions with controlled damping and air springs,” an eight-speed automatic transmission that was specially made for the Levante and “Q4” intelligent all-wheel drive.

Though prices haven’t been released just yet, the Maserati Levante is planned to hit the European market first in spring, with the rest of the world following soon after.