How To Throw An Easter Egg Hunt For Grown-Ups Slideshow

If you're longing for your childhood days of floral dresses with floppy hats, Easter egg hunts, and eating endless amounts of sugary candy without guilt, no one says you can't go right back to those days by throwing your very own Easter egg hunt... for grown-ups.

Serve Brunch Cocktails

The best part about hosting (and attending) an adult-centric Easter egg hunt is that you can have as much boozy fun as you want. Start off your hunt by offering your guests some Easter brunch cocktails, such as a chocolate crème egg martini or a carrotini.

Fill Your Menu With Classic Brunch Foods, Elevated

Easter and brunch go together like the Easter bunny and jelly beans, so be sure to serve up some stunning brunch dishes. Red velvet waffles, Sriracha deviled eggs, and blueberry-stuffed French toast are sure to wow your guests.

Decorate With Intent

When decorating for Easter, think cleverly about how your centerpieces, bunnies, chicks, and baskets can double as secret hiding spots for your eggs. Consider buying big, hollow plastic bunnies that look like any ol' decoration but double as a vessel for plastic eggs; or big stuffed sheep that look innocent but house hidden treasure.

Fill the Eggs With Cooler Items

Sure, Easter candy is fine and dandy, but there are plenty of better things to stuff eggs with when you don't have to worry about age-appropriateness. Instead of (or in addition to) jelly beans, roasted nuts, and M&Ms, fill your Easter eggs with mini bottles of liquor, nail polish, lottery tickets, and money.

Include a Golden Egg

Take a page from a special kids' Easter egg hunt tradition, and hide one larger, golden egg that contains a special prize (or a coupon for a special prize). The lucky duck who finds the golden egg can get a cash prize, an Easter decoration, or a giant bottle of booze.

Hide the Eggs Really Well

Anyone who has attended an Easter egg hunt knows that the game can start and then end in an instant. Resolve this issue by hiding your eggs really, really well. We're talking holes in the ground, deep in the hedges, and high up in trees. There will be no eggs in the grass at this hunt!

Turn the Event Into a Drinking Game

Everything is better with booze, right? Turn your Easter egg hunt into a drinking game with ease. When your friends find one of the eggs with a mini bottle of alcohol in it, they need to take the shot. You can also fill some eggs with Jell-O shots to really get the party rolling.

Amp Up the Competition

A children's Easter egg hunt can't really crown a "winner," for fear of tantrums or cries of unfairness. But for your hunt, the game is on! Keep a running tally of all the eggs, and whoever finds the most or finds the most difficult can take home an ultimate prize, like an Easter basket stuffed with goodies.