7 Easter Brunch Cocktails

Perfect cocktails to sip after your Easter egg hunt

A full breakfast in just one delicious cocktail.

When it comes to Easter, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your holiday celebration completely and entirely traditional. Little girls in pastel dresses and patent-leather shoes searching for Easter eggs, women sipping mimosas in white gloves and straw hats, everyone getting to dig through gigantic wicker baskets for shiny, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, then nibbling on a classic Easter brunch complete with spiral-cut ham and scalloped potatoes: traditions are wonderful, and those that spring up like crocuses around the Easter holiday are some of the most charming of all. If you repeated the same Easter brunch every spring for your entire life, you’d be making a great choice.

Easter Brunch Cocktails (Slideshow)

But sometimes, switching up your traditions — or incorporating new ones into the old — can be fun, too. For instance, when my family moved from the New York area to the South when I was a kid, we picked up a few new customs to add to our classic Easter basket: ham biscuits (previously unheard of) became an essential element of Easter Sunday, and Jefferson cups were used for everything from egg dying to cocktail sipping, but the family’s favorite new addition was undoubtedly the hour or two we spent shooting the recovered Easter eggs with a .22 rifle by the river on Easter afternoon. I remember my mom’s palpable relief at not having to make all that leftover egg salad (and then trying to coax people into eating it), and I just liked the way they exploded.


We rounded up the best cocktails you could possible serve at your Easter brunch — some are classics, some are a little nouveau, but together they’re a perfect blend of the old and new.