Jelly beans


What Your Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor Says About You

Who you truly are lies within your favorite Easter candy
Jelly beans


Pick a bean, find out a truth about yourself.

There are a lot of signature snacks when it comes to Easter: chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, and pretty much anything that can be egg-shaped. But if you ask us, jelly beans are the true stars of this spring holiday.

Available in more flavors than you can even conceptualize, there’s a jelly bean for literally every person out there. Want something tropical? You’re covered. Want to kick it with an old-school flavor? No problem. Want something spicy instead of fruity sweet? Don’t worry about it.

Like with most foods, your jelly bean preference has a deep connection to who you truly are as a person. Are you a traditionalist? An ingénue? Beloved by everyone you meet? The answer, my friends, lies in your jelly bean preference. We took 10 of the most popular jelly bean flavors and analyzed what they say about a person. Find your favorite below, and be prepared to find out some shocking truths about just who you really are.

You know that this doesn’t taste like “real” banana; you just don’t care. You take life as it comes at you and are easily able to adapt to a number of situations (and flavor combinations).

Black Licorice
You’re a bit of a traditionalist and lead a simple life. The rat race just isn’t for you. You’d rather sit back and watch the world go by.

Spring and Easter are all fine and good, but what you’re really looking for are the long, lazy days of summer. Spending time reading a book in the sunshine at the park is your dream day.

Buttered Popcorn
Tradition? Fruit flavors? You have no time for any of these things. You’re a true iconoclast and like to buck the trends. But, somehow, people are still quite drawn to you.

Prom queen, homecoming king, most valuable player… Popularity contests are no contest for you — you win them all. Thus, you have no problem with maintaining the status quo.

You’re a spicy little firecracker, aren’t you? No matter what you do in life, you do it with a little more zest and pep in your step than the average person.

Whether you like the classic, floral “grape” flavor or a Jelly Belly grape jelly-style jelly bean, you pine for the simpler days when all you needed to be happy was a classic PB&J.

Juicy Pear
You’ve got a bubbly personality and are just bursting with joie de vivre. You may not be the most beloved person in the world, but when you walk in to a party, all eyes are on you.

You have a sunny personality and get along with most everyone you meet. But if someone gets on your bad side, you’re quick to turn sour and bite back.

(This is the white bean in Brach’s classic assortment, FYI.) You’re a little bit mysterious and aren’t afraid to just dive into an adventure without knowing exactly what it is you’re going to get.