Easter Egg Hunt Party Tips for Every Age

Host an Easter egg hunt party for your kids no matter how old they are
Easter Egg Hunt Tips

et those Easter egg baskets ready for the ultimate Easter egg hunt party!

Easter egg hunts are a great way to engage the entire family in Easter Sunday fun. Kids of all ages will love getting involved in fun projects like making their own Easter eggs, designing egg baskets (paints for the older kids, stickers for the younger), and even Easter egg relay races. However, to keep the party fun for the whole crew, you have to consider which age groups will be in attendance.Your 10-year-old probably won’t have a great time if the game centers around an activity only a 4-year-old would love. To help you plan the perfect Easter egg hunt, we devised some key party planning tips that are each designed for kids of a certain age group. Let the games begin!

Color-Coordinated: Ages 2—4
While Easter egg hunts can be a fun way to help the kids burn off the sugar from their Easter baskets, they can get kind of competitive. A little healthy competition is great for young ones, but a kid with a lot fewer eggs in his or her basket could experience a disastrous meltdown. When the kids arrive, present them with their very own specifically colored Easter basket. Instruct them to collect only the Easter eggs that match their basket's color. This way, you can keep the hunt fair and conflict-free.

Cooler than Candy: Ages 5—7 
Sure, all kids love candy, but do they really need more after attacking their Easter baskets? At this age, you can finally start to incorporate smaller toys and baubles without the fear that they’ll find their way into your little ones’ mouths. Head to the dollar store and pick up fun prizes like plastic rings, green army men, or Silly Putty — we promise that no matter what little gifts you choose, the kids will be overjoyed to
find them!
Beyond the Backyard: Ages 8—10
At this age, you're lucky your kid is even willing to participate, so you have to make it fun. Instead of the standard hide-and-seek method of tucking eggs away, turn it into a scavenger hunt that takes them up and down the block. Divide the teams up by color and have them seek out the coordinating eggs. Hide clues in each egg that lead them to the next spot and loop them back to the house. The first team to arrive can claim their prize!