The Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Easter Candies

Easter candies have taken on a legendary status, and these are the most legendary of all

A caramel-filled Cadbury egg? Sign us up!

Who doesn’t love Easter candy? The annual arrival of these usually pastel-colored candies means that spring is finally here, and from chocolate bunnies to everything egg-shaped, there’s no shortage of sweet seasonal treats. We’ve rounded up the 13 best Easter treats on the market today.

The Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Easter Candies (Slideshow)

While Easter is indeed a religious holiday, just like Christmas it’s been commercialized to the point where there’s no shortage of associated treats and trinkets. The Easter bunny, which originated in the 1600s among German Lutherans, is its official mascot; he historically evaluated whether children were good or bad at the start of the Eastertide season, and would usually carry colored eggs, candy, and toys in his basket to the children’s homes to reward them for good behavior. Today, the original intent behind the candy, the bunny, and the colored eggs (the latter two both symbolize fertility) is all but forgotten, and in its place is a springtime celebration that’s especially fun for kids.

In order to rank the 13 most popular Easter candies, we started by judging them on a few criteria: Are they just reshaped versions of otherwise-unchanged candies, and does the new shape improve or hinder its flavor? Are they super cloyingly sweet, or can even adults get through the whole thing? Is it just pieces of chocolate, maybe with a candy shell, or is there more to it? And flavor aside, do they hit us on an emotional level, possibly reconnecting us a little with our inner child when we eat them?


We didn’t include products that are generally available year-round, like jelly beans, and while some of you may be asking where Jordan almonds are on the list, not only are they not officially Easter candies (technically, they’re intended to be used as wedding favors), well, they’re also not very good. So read on to learn which Easter candy came out on top!