hair grow foods

These 15 Foods Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

What to eat when you can’t wait for your hair to grow back faster
hair grow foods

Cheese can actually help your hair grow.

So you got a bad haircut... Maybe that chin-length bob was more drastic than you expected or those bangs were actually a really, really bad idea. However, simply wishing your hair longer is a miserable, dull process. What’s worse than watching paint dry? That's right: watching hair grow. Luckily, you won't need to wait much longer before your locks are luscious and long again; with a couple nutrients and some tender loving care, you can nurse your hair back to its former glory. Indeed, food actually can actually help you out with your hair-related turmoil.

These 15 Foods Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster Gallery

Of course, these foods aren’t magic — they can’t make your hair grow like Rapunzel’s. And while you likely won’t find the secret to better hair in a slice of avocado toast, these foods will work to nourish your hair from the inside out, so your hair follicles can do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

There are a few key nutrients you should focus on to help your hair thrive. The first is protein, which is an essential building block of your hair cells. The next is biotin, which improves your natural keratin stores to promote strong hair. You’ll also want to up your dosage of B vitamins, including B12, B3, and B5. Vitamin A and vitamin C each play a distinct role in promoting healthy blood flow to your scalp, which in turn promotes healthy growth of your hair.

Make sure that alongside these foods, you’re also eating enough. Working at a calorie deficit, your body is unlikely to expend its energy on gifting you with luscious locks. Sorry, crash dieters.


Your best bet for encouraging your hair to grow is eating full, nutritious meals with some regularity. Some say that topical applications of nourishing foods and blends could help. Olive oil can help increase the sheen of your hair, as can coconut oil and other healthy fats. But regardless of these exterior appearances and treatments, eating these foods could help give you more hair to work with — faster.