We Taste-Tested 11 Store-Bought Hummus Brands: Here Are the Best

We decided to put our practiced palates — and all that hummus — to the test

A variety of store-bought hummus brands are part of a blind taste test in the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen.

We’re in the midst of a Middle Eastern food moment that shows no signs of abating, for which we are grateful. These days it’s comfortingly easy to find bowls of excellent hummus and labneh alongside zatar-dusted flatbread at Los Angeles restaurants such as Kismet in Los Feliz, the new Silver Lake Israeli place Mh Zh, plus veterans such as Carousel and Hummus Bar & Grill in Tarzana.

Hummus, more so than labneh, baba ghanouj or muhammara, is a staple on mezze spreads and party crudité platters. But although hummus is a deceptively simple dish (just run chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, garlic and lemon through a food processor, then add salt), unless you have a Middle Eastern grandmother (we should all be so lucky), most of us buy the stuff rather than make it.

The average grocery store sells upwards of seven brands of hummus. So we decided to put our practiced palates — and all that hummus — to the test.

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