This Is the Most Popular Fall Vegetable, According to Pinterest

Cauliflower is the ‘king’ of fall vegetables, according to pinning data from Pinterest, along with root vegetables

Pumpkin and butternut squash better watch out: Cauliflower may be the new king.

Think that pumpkin and butternut squash are the reigning champions of fall vegetable recipes? Think again.Pinterest has put together data from their most pinned recipes this fall, and have noticed that “cauliflower is king.” According to Pinterest, cauliflower is 40 percent more popular than kale and three times more popular than Brussels sprouts.

Some of the most popular cauliflower recipes on Pinterest include cauliflower pizza, mashed “potatoes,” and “tater tots.” For people trying to cut back on carbs, cauliflower could be a satisfactory potato or dough substitute.

Other popular fall greens on Pinterest include root vegetables like turnips and celery root, as well as fennel and carrots. These vegetables are showing up in recipes for soups and salads like celery root, apple, and walnut salad; and white turnip soup.

Pinterest has also been tracking the top autumn trends with their 2015 Fall Favorites page, with a whole section of vegetable-heavy recipes like kimchi soup, as well as desserts like salted caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.