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Always Buy These 15 Items at Trader Joe’s

Don’t miss these must-have products
trader joe's

Which products are the real must-haves from this popular grocery store?

Trader Joe’s is known for its signature products and unique offerings — every few weeks or so, the grocery chain releases a set of new and trend-setting options, announced in their Frequent Flyer. Matcha green tea? They’ve got it in both a to-go powder and a convenient can. Seasonal cookies and snacks? Always on their shelves. Name any food trend and there’s a good chance Trader Joe’s sells it.

Always Buy These 15 Items at Trader Joe’s Gallery

Their unique shopping experience and constantly rotating lineup of products has definitely earned them a following. But perhaps what people love most about Trader Joe’s is the incredibly low prices.

Of course, some Trader Joe’s products are a better deal than others. And, as we learned from other grocery chains like Costco, sometimes the markdowns of these budget-friendly stores are a careful illusion. You have to know which products are worth the buy and which you could actually find cheaper elsewhere.

Plus, some Trader Joe’s products sound really fun but aren’t actually that practical. Who really needs slices of Pastrami-Style Smoked Atlantic Salmon, for instance? Sure, every now and then it’s fun to splurge on an interesting product or two. But that’s where Trader Joe’s gets you — you walk in needing just one practical purchase and walk out with a microwavable skillet cookie.


With all of these factors in mind, we came up with these 15 must-have items you should always pick up from Trader Joe’s.