30 Quick and Easy Recipes That Use Spring Superfoods

Take advantage of the best produce spring has to offer
Spring is the best time to purchase fresh superfoods


Spring is the best season for fresh superfoods

Spring is the best time to purchase fresh superfoods, but sometimes we need a little inspiration when it comes to using ingredients like apricots, arugula, fennel, and fiddlehead ferns. During their peak season, these fruits and vegetables are delicious when simply roasted with olive oil and sea salt or cooked down into compote, but the addition of only a few ingredients amplifies their flavor. Add some arugula to toasted pine nuts, basil, and olive oil and for a variation on pesto; bake fennel with orange juice and balsamic vinegar for a beautifully glazed side dish; braise apricots in wine to produce tender and succulent fruits that pair perfectly with any cheese plate.

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Even some of the more common spring crops like broccoli, blueberries, and asparagus can be quickly and easily transformed into innovative dishes. Asparagus and zucchini balls are a delicious addition to any meatless Monday menu, while blueberries tossed with feta and mint is a unique yet elegant ensemble of flavors that will surpass any other boring old salad.

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