How to Throw the Best Pool and Beach Parties Ever

Host the best summer parties by the pool or at the beach by following these top tips


Make sure you have plenty of ice cold beers ready for your party.

The temperatures are rising, the sun is beating stronger every day, and there is only one way to really cool down: by jumping into the pool or the ocean.

On these almost unbearably hot summer days wearing anything more than a swimsuit and sunglasses, drinking anything that isn’t ice cold, and eating anything hot or substantial is totally unappealing. That’s why every party from here to Labor Day needs to be by the pool or on the beach. Anything else just isn’t going to be weather-appropriate. Here we explain how to host the ultimate pool and beach parties, covering everything from the practical equipment you’ll need, how to decorate, the best drinks to serve, and what food to cook for the occasion.

How to Throw the Best Pool and Beach Parties Ever (Slideshow)

There’s no denying that both pool and beach parties do take a lot of planning. You need to make sure you have all the essential sun- and water-related equipment such as umbrellas, sun screen, pool floats, and a first-aid kit; all the necessary food and drink equipment like coolers, paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups, and that’s before you even think about the non-essential fun and tasty components. Water games, portable speakers, cold drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and tasty food are all key to throwing the best party ever.

People often go wrong with the food when hosting beach and pool parties. Either they forget about it completely, which leads to drunk, hungry, and exhausted guests, who want to leave after just a couple of hours, or they serve heavy, rich food that people need to sit down and eat with a plate, knife, and fork — not exactly what anyone in a swimsuit, who is happily running in and out of the water, really wants to do. Food should be present, but it should be light, and should be able to be snacked on throughout the party with just fingers and a napkin. You don’t want to stuff your guests full of heavy food that causes them to sink when they get back in the pool.

Read on to discover our top tips that will help you be the host of the best ever pool and beach parties this summer.

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