Host the Best Game-Day Party Ever — At Home

Just because you can't make it to the stadium doesn't mean you should miss out on the game day celebrations


Relieve yourself from some of the pressure of hosting by making your party a potluck.

Although ideally we would be able to spend almost every weekend tailgating at the game, feasting on hot dogs and beer in the stadium’s parking lot, it’s not always possible. For those of you who can’t make it out to your team’s tailgate every weekend, don’t despair; there’s another option for you, which has become hugely popular this football season: homegating. It’s everything you want from tailgating, but slightly more convenient and less time-consuming, as it takes place in your own (or your friend’s) home.

Host the Best Game-Day Party Ever — At Home (Slideshow)

Obviously, there’s nothing like being at the game, tailgating with the crowds of fellow supporters, surrounded by celebrating fans, drinking, eating, and partaking in an amazing football-centered day — but there are definitely many benefits to having your game-day party at home. Luxuries such as running water, accessible bathrooms, a proper kitchen, comfortable seats, and, on those colder game days, warmth and heating, are definitely key in convincing us that homegating could really be just as fun as traditional tailgating.

Don’t be tempted to transform your homegate into an elegant, game-viewing party just because it’s taking place in your own home. Having a meal at your dining table with your finest tableware, eating your show-off dinner party menu and drinking fine wine with the game on in the background is not what a game-day party should look like. Instead, it should take all the elements of a classic tailgate and place them in your living room. But, of course, you can add a few elaborate extras, like serving food that is actually warm and shaking up a couple of cocktails.


Make sure you dress up in your team colors, decorate excessively, and serve the meal on paper plates and the drinks in plastic cups to take that tailgating atmosphere and transport it into your home.