15 Best Nacho Recipes (Slideshow)

Delicious Nachos Supreme Recipe

This classic nacho recipe is loaded with lean ground beef and melted cheese.

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Bacon Nachos Recipe

A mix of bacon and onions make this nacho recipe unexpected, yet delicious.

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Seafood Nachos Recipe

Crab meat and shrimp pair perfectly in this nacho recipe.

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Super Nachos Recipe

These nachos are packed full of flavor and cheese.

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Shredded Chicken Nachos with Pico de Gallo Recipe

Shredded chicken and spicy pico de gallo makes these nachos a must try.

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Macho Nacho Recipe

These nachos use beans and chili for an extra bold flavor.

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Restaurant Style Chicken Nachos Recipe

These easy to preapre nachos will make you feel as though you are eating at your favorite restaurant. 

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Super Nachos Recipe

Serve these nachos for a super meal or appetizer for a large party.

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Mexican Potato Nachos Recipe

Pepper Jack cheese gives these nachos a spicy kick. 

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Chili-Cheese Nachos Recipe Recipe

Chili and cheese are a perfect combination on top of nachos.

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Basic Cheese Nachos Recipe

Sometimes it's the simple cheese nachos that are the best.

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Loaded Nachos Potato Skins Recipe

Try preparing your nachos in potato halves for a fun and festive party appetizer.

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Grilled Chicken Nachos Recipe

Take your nachos outside with this fun version made on the grill.

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Cheesy Chili Nachos Recipe

With this lightened version you can still enjoy the great taste of meaty chili atop crunchy tortilla chips, complete with melted cheese sauce — only now, without a side of guilt. 

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Ultimate Nachos Recipe

Go all out with your nachos this year and serve this ultimate version. You'll find the ground beef mixture is good enough to use in your favorite chili, but you won't be able to resist it spread on a crunchy chip and topped with oozing cheese, either. 

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