10 Things You Should Never Do When Hosting a Potluck

Host a successful party by following these potluck etiquette tips


Set a theme and work as a team to host a stress-free potluck.

Hosting a potluck can be the easiest, least stressful way of holding a dinner party in your home. As long as a few simple protocols are abided by, gathering friends and family together for a potluck party will be a relaxed, friendly, and communal affair.

10 Things You Should Never Do When Hosting a Potluck (Slideshow)

As the host, you obviously want to make sure that the evening runs without a hitch. You may argue that the reason potlucks can’t be planned is because so much depends on your guests’ contributions. This is true of course, but only to a certain extent. As the organizer, you can assist the smooth-running of your party by delegating, planning, and providing some food and drink yourself.

If everyone works as a team, follows your clear instructions, and pulls his or her own weight, then you’ll have a fun evening on the way. However, if you give no guidelines, are vague about every detail, and prepare nothing because you’re the host, and therefore consider yourself free from any food and drink responsibility, your potluck will soon descend into disaster.


If you leave a potluck to luck, it will not work in your favor. Abide by these potluck laws, and everything will go brilliantly, just as you planned it.