This Is the Best Bar in America for Watching Football

If you’re a football fanatic, you love beer, and you love to gamble, this is the place for you

Shutterstock/ Maksym Poriechkin 

This place is for true fans only.

If we were to ask you where you thought was the best place to watch football, you’d probably say the big sports bar in your hometown or by your college. This isn’t unusual — most people are quick to defend their roots, and serious football fans are not kidding around.

All of the biggest colleges in America have huge bars on campus that host crazy events for their football games. A large number of these bars have made quite the name for themselves in the world of college football and the NFL, which is why we couldn’t choose just one that had the best atmosphere. So instead of celebrating one college bar, we compiled a roundup of the best for this category.

Many college bars provide a loud, crazy, die-hard sports-fan vibe where students can get wild and drink cheap beer on tap. But the bar with the loudest fans isn’t always the best place to watch your team play — especially if you’re not a student. Football attracts fans of all kinds; that’s the beauty of the sport.

We’re talking about a bar that has it all: lots of space, a massive number of TVs, long hours for pre- and post-game partying, and most importantly, a ton of beer to choose from. To find a bar that excels in all of these categories, one would need to search in a city where absolutely everything is over the top. Can you think of a city that has it all? You guessed it — the best bar for watching football in America is in Las Vegas.

Tag Sports Bar goes above and beyond the qualifications for being the ultimate place to watch football. This joint has an astounding 43 TVs streaming not only football, but other sports in both America and around the world, including soccer, tennis, and baseball. You can watch any sport at this bar, literally 24/7. Yes, you read that right, 24/7.

If you’re feeling a little bored with football or if your team isn’t doing so hot, don’t worry — this isn’t your average football bar, so you won’t feel like you have nothing else to do but sip on a beer and stare at the TV screen. There are plenty of activities to dabble into at Tag.

It’s Vegas, so of course you can gamble on the touchscreens scattered all throughout the place. In fact, each table includes a self-serve draft station, providing the option to sip on your beer at any pace you desire. Did your favorite team just score a touchdown? Chug it, and fill it up right after. Is your team getting completely stomped and you’re hardly paying attention anymore? Don’t worry, you and your friends can sip slowly and have good conversation while the winning team’s fans are going crazy on the other side of the bar. The final thing that makes this bar nearly perfect for watching any sport is it provides 300 different beers to choose from. So no matter what activity you’re doing, you can sit back and enjoy a selection of almost any brew you want.


Tag Sports Bar is not your average sports bar — it goes above and beyond the traditional joint you’re probably picturing. It has just shy of 50 televisions, tons of opportunities to gamble, and literally hundreds of booze options — and that’s what makes it the best bar in America to watch football.