Unhealthy Frozen Food


Unhealthiest Frozen Game Day Snacks in the Supermarket

Don’t disappoint your friends by serving them frozen chicken wings

Football season has finally arrived. There’s nothing more relaxing than gathering with the buddies, cracking some brews, and devouring some appetizers on game day. But we all have busy schedules, and sometimes it’s too inconvenient to make shareable finger foods from scratch. Chips, salsa, and dip are not the most impressive things to serve, which is why so many Americans turn to the grocery store’s frozen section when trying to cater their own Sunday feast.


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Watching football is a fun, relaxing — practically religious — experience for fans, but the holy game-day meal can be hell on your waistline and cholesterol. The snacks lining the freezer aisle are some of the most fattening and calorie-dense products available. They offer almost no nutritional benefits and are usually low in fiber, meaning you won’t even feel satisfied after eating them. The hypnotic nature of football will have you unknowingly going in for bite after bite of these salty, fattening snacks.

Don’t let Sunday ruin your diet for the rest of the week; avoid the 10 unhealthiest frozen game-day snacks in the supermarket. 


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