Starbucks Releases New Dress Code Guidelines

Its employees have spoken, and Starbucks is delivering on its promise for change

The new dress code, effective immediately, allows baristas to wear a range of shirt colors and patterns beyond solid black and white.

Starbucks released its new dress code today, delivering on one of the many promises made just two weeks ago to improve the Starbucks partner experience.

The change came about as a result of requests from employees for more freedom when it came to the dress code. On the new dress code, Starbucks stated, “We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work.”

The color palette for tops has expanded past solid black and white, and some muted patterns are now permitted. Gray, navy, brown, and dark denim are now permitted for tops.

On the hair front, Starbucks wrote, “If hair color is your style, it’s welcome.” This diverges from the previous “keep it looking natural” rule, which banned bright and “unnatural” colors.

Full details on the new dress code can be find here.


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