Pizza Hut Turns Your Pizza Box Into a Playable Flick Football Game

Pizza Hut’s newest gimmick to kick off the football season is a game of cardboard ‘flick football’

Your mom always told you to never play with your food, but she said nothing about playing with the container your food came in. 

Pizza Hut is celebrating the start of football season with a nostalgic look back at the tabletop games of your elementary school days. Remember flick football, where you’d flick a triangular folded-up piece of loose-leaf into the “goalpost” (aka your friend’s pointed index fingers)?Pizza Hut is turning their pizza boxes into playable flick football games, complete with a “field,” triangle-shaped cardboard play pieces, goalposts, and even a scorecard.

You can get the special cardboard tabletop game with the purchase of any medium-sized pizza. We’re not entirely sure how grease stains will impact flick football gameplay, so it’s probably best to stay away from pepperoni and bacon pies for now.

The box is being advertised in collaboration with Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey for the re-introduction of the $5 Flavor Menu.


“We know our fans enjoy a little competition and we’re happy to provide a platform that lets them get in on the game in a whole new way while watching their favorite team,” said David Timm, chief marketing officer for Pizza Hut, in a statement. “The box brings some excitement back to the classic Flick Football game, and we are proud to bring some entertainment to the table.”