A Step-by-Step Guide to the Tastiest Taco Party Ever

Grilled meats, spicy salsas, warm tortillas, and homemade guacamole: There’s a reason we’re obsessed with taco parties
Taco Party


For the best taco party, you have to start with warm tortillas.

Cinco de Mayo is almost here, which means it’s almost time to spend an entire day gorging on guacamole, tacos, and multiple margaritas. But we don’t think that anyone should restrict the time spent feasting on tacos to this one Mexican-focused day a year: This year we plan on spending the majority of the summer hosting taco parties, turning our kitchen and backyard into the ultimate accommodating taqueria, by following this guide.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Tastiest Taco Party Ever (Slideshow)

Hosting a party where the food focus is a DIY taco bar allows you, as the host, to really enjoy the party, and to spend all your time with your guests. Once all the preparation is done (and this can all be done pre-party), you can relax and welcome your guests to your calm and collected party, where there are no formal etiquette rules, and they can happily help themselves to as much food and drink as they wish. Hosting a DIY, rule-free party means that you can spend all your time with your friends, rather than stressing in the kitchen, serving up round after round of perfectly plated tacos and ice-cold margaritas for the entire evening.

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Tacos are the perfect party food as they’re simply a carbohydrate-rich base, which can be topped with any and all of your favorite things. By simply serving a small range of fillings, salsas, toppings, and condiments, you’ll be able to accommodate for everybody’s tastes and dietary requirements. Make sure you don’t go too meat-heavy on the fillings: One meat option, one fish option, and one vegetarian option will be the perfect combination, and will provide enough variation to please everyone. Accompany these tasty tacos with plenty of pitchers of margaritas, glasses with salty rims, and buckets of ice, and your party will doubtless by a crazy success.


With a buffet of freshly grilled meat and vegetables, a range of spicy, fruity salsas, bowls filled with homemade guacamole, warmed corn tortillas, and multiple bottles of tequila, there’s definitely a reason why taco parties are the best type of summer fiesta.