5 Colorful Birthday Cakes for Summer Slideshow


Ice Cream Cone Cakes Recipe

Why should kids eat cake from a plate when they can eat it from an ice cream cone with sprinkles and candy on top? With this recipe, they can. They can even decorate their own cake cone with frosting and toppings. To really mix things up, compliment the cake with ice cream served on a plate.

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Flip-Flops Cake Recipe

Kids can wear their flip-flops to the beach and eat them, too, with this flip-flop-shaped cake recipe. Decorate with food colors, chewy fruit snacks, candy, and edible flowers to make the cake look just like a flip-flop.

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Watermelon Cake Recipe

This watermelon cake recipe is as sweet as it looks. To look just like a watermelon, it’s decorated with chocolate chips in place of watermelon seeds and green jellybeans acting as the rind.

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Cookies 'n Cream Cupcakes Recipe

Kids won’t have to choose between cookies and cupcakes with this cupcake recipe. Topped with crunchy chocolate sandwich cookies and filled with marshmallow crème, this recipe is a winner with kids.

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Butterfly Cake Recipe

Transform an ordinary cake into a beautiful butterfly with this recipe that uses rainbow sugar and candy to make it colorful and fun.

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