21 Summer Dates That Make the Most of the Sunshine

Impress your date with the most romantic, outdoor activities this summer
Sail Boat


Spend a day out on the water with your date this summer.

Don’t plan to spend your summer dates at a fancy restaurant or in your favorite bar: Step outside and make the most of the sunshine. You don’t want to spend a day or an evening cooped up indoors when you could be out enjoying the warm weather and blue skies. Whether you’re an active outdoors person who wants to spend the day sailing or horseback riding, or whether you’re food-obsessed and choose to spend your date toasting s’mores around a campfire, there are endless options for a relaxed, outdoor, warm weather date.

21 Summer Dates That Make the Most of the Sunshine (Slideshow)

Whether you’re on a first date, or are in a long-term relationship and are planning a romantic date day, these ideas will work for you. Both a long walk along the beach with the sun on your face and wind in your hair, or a night snuggled up under the stars watching a movie at a drive-in make for the most romantic summer activities, which are bound to make you smile, and will definitely surprise and impress your date.

If it’s your first date, you may want to play it safe and choose one of the less adventurous options, such as sharing ice cream, or feasting on a delicious picnic. And if you’re far away from those few, slightly awkward, initial dates, put your relationship to the test by renting a tandem bicycle and spending the day trying to move in sync with one another: It’s harder than it looks!

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Select your favorite of these 21 date ideas, make the most of the sunshine, and impress your date with these romantic, thoughtful, and incredibly fun summer dates.