S ‘Mores Smash Slideshow

Layer Cake

Nothing says a party like a cake. So take a cue from Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body's Ultimate S'More Anniversary Cake and create a layered effect: graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, repeat. Douse it all in chocolate and serve with an ice-cold pitcher of milk. Your guests will be über-pleased, trust us. 

S 'Mores Bars

If you think you like magic bars think again. Meet the S'Mores bar. It’s all of the layers of the triple delight neatly layered and compacted on a graham cracker. Perfect for serving trays and an ideal finger food, it will be a hit at your summer bash.


Blog favorite Tartelette nixed the whole messy notion of an actual S’Mores and put it all inside the world’s favorite breakfast pastry: a doughnut. It’s kind of like a Boston cream doughnut but taken to the next level. Agreed?


We've seen this at tons of events and weddings: the make your own S'Mmores station. If you can’t decide on just one recipe, create a bar at your party and have guests whip up their own concoctions.  


Francesca Borgognone

While a dose of chocolate is always good, a double dose is even better. Edward Marc Chocolatier knows how to please a crowd using... chocolate covered S‘Mores. Yes, you read that correctly — swoon status. 


The two-bite delight is always a hit at birthdays and bashes, so why not a S‘Mores version? Take a cue from Georgetown Cupcake and their Toasted Marshmallow Fudge Cupcake Dozen.

Ice Cream

Summer parties need a refreshing treat and nothing is more cooling than ice cream. Layer your favorite ice cream flavors between graham crackers and freeze these treats for an ice cream S'Mores crunch!