Prosecco Thieves Are Stealing Hundreds of Vines in the Night

Thefts are ruining harvests and are costly to producers

The market for prosecco is worth more than 1.7 billion euros (1.9 billion USD) a year.

Prosecco producers have been hit with a number of thefts as more and more people try to break into the more than $1.9 billion industry. Thieves are sneaking into vineyards at night and stealing newly-planted vines in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, where the sparkling wine is made, reports The Telegraph.

The thieves reportedly steal to order, selling the stolen vines to shameless producers setting up new vineyards. In response, some estate owners have been spraying young vines with colored dye to help easily identify stolen vines, and others are taking the more costly option and building fences and installing security cameras.

One prosecco producer had his vineyard stripped bare of 800 young vines. He wrote on a sign nailed to a tree, “Dear thief, I bought my vines. It would have been much better if you had bought yours too.”


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