The Best and Worst Foods to Take on a Picnic

Transportable, durable, and tasty: the requirements of perfect picnic food
Chicken Drumsticks


Chicken drumsticks are the perfect picnic-friendly finger food.

Now that the sun seems to be almost permanently shining, we’re keen to spend every minute that we’re not trapped in the office outside, basking in its rays, getting our annual dosage of vitamin D. This warm weather means that picnic season is definitely here: It’s time to gather your friends, find that hibernating picnic basket, fold up your picnic blanket, pack your favorite picnic foods, and set off for a sunny day in the great outdoors.

The Best and Worst Foods to Take on a Picnic (Slideshow)

Before you rush out the door with a basket filled with sodas, soggy sandwiches, and candy bars, take a moment to rethink the contents of your picnic basket. Make sure you’re carrying the tastiest, most practical picnic food, and not a selection of items that are going to turn the day into an extremely messy disaster. Don’t take anything that will melt, anything that will attract swarms of insects, or anything that has the potential to go bad and make you ill.

The best picnic foods are the portable, durable, sturdy foods, which won’t go bad, won’t coagulate, and won’t spill all over your picnic basket. Grain-based salads and crunchy vegetables should be your picnic go-to recipes, while egg salad and sushi should always be avoided. You definitely don’t want your picnic to make you horribly sick, and you don’t want the day to be ruined by one thing spilling or melting all over the rest of your food in your basket, ruining everything that you prepared.

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Read on to find out what are the best and worst foods to take on a picnic, to ensure that every day you spend feasting in the sunshine this summer is a fun and tasty day out, and not an inedible, messy disaster.