Use This Cool Hack to Chill a Bottle of Wine Fast

Forgotten to chill that white wine? Don’t worry; this hack will help you out
Chilled Wine


Nobody wants to drink a glass of white wine which isn't perfectly chilled.

That moment when you realize that you’re ready to open the chilled bottle of white wine, only to find that you’ve forgotten to put in the refrigerator, is never a good one. What do you do to resolve this situation? Shove the bottle in the freezer? Drink it warm? serve it with ice? Opt for red instead? What you actually need to do us is follow this simple hack, and in 10 minutes you’ll be serving and enjoying a perfectly chilled glass of white.

Fill Your Ice Bucket   

We all know that using an ice bucket is the fanciest way to chill wine, and to keep it chilled, but we didn’t realize quite how effective it is. To chill your wine in under 15 minutes, half-fill a bucket with ice, and fill up the rest with cold water. Mixing up ice and water is better than just using a bucket full of ice, as liquid pulls heat away from the wine bottle better than ice does.

Add Salt

To speed up the chilling process, add a couple of handfuls of salt to the iced water. Salt reduces the freezing point of water, enabling the water to become cooler without turning it into ice.

Spin the Bottle


Now that your ice bucket is fully prepared, add the bottle of wine, and every couple of minutes spin it around in the salty iced water. When you spin the bottle, more wine will come into contact with the cold glass of the bottle, therefore chilling the wine more quickly than it would if you let it sit still for 10 minutes. After 10-15 minutes of spinning in the salted ice bucket, your wine will be the perfect serving temperature, and ready to drink.