Dogs Can Now Dine Outdoors at New York Restaurants

A bill that passed on Tuesday will allow dogs in outdoor seating areas

The New York State legislature passed a bill allowing dogs to dine outdoors.

Good news for dog owners: You can take your furry friend to dine alfresco!

The New York State legislature passed a bill called “Dining with Dogs” on Tuesday, which permits dogs to sit with their owners in outdoor seating areas, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The bill advises that dogs must be on leashes and restaurant owners ultimately have the final say as to whether they will allow dogs in the restaurant.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who introduced the bill earlier this year, told The Wall Street Journal that the decision benefits more than just dog owners. “I think this is a win for dogs, because they don’t have to sit at home without their owners,” she said.

California, Florida, and Maryland have passed similar bills to allow dogs in restaurants. New York City might even get a dog café, now that one has opened in Los Angeles.


Maybe restaurants should start making menus exclusively for dogs (there is, after all, beer for dogs!).